The idea behind NEWaste, the founder Susanne-Kikki Israelsson got during her living in China, the country where bicycling is the most common used mean of transport. She moved to China with her family in 2006, and it was here she got all the ideas around bicycling fashion and bicycling accessories. From here everything was put in motion and is now up in full spin.

”I missed accessories with uniformed design together with smart functions that would the products more practical and user friendly”

Together with more than 23 years of experience from design, product- and business development with the home furnishing company IKEA, it didn’t take a long time for Susanne evolve a good thought into ready products. She is of a kind that knows how important the details are. A lot of time is therefor put in place for development, material and smart solutions. Not any detail is left aside. NEWaste is now here for you, who wants be in the trend which has become a movement in the society, bicycling. If you appreciate good design, where you do not want to sacrifice function and quality.

“I am convinced that the bicycle will be more and more important to anyone’s health, our own but also for the planet earth. The bicycle is the most important transportation mean and NEWaste wants to make it an easier choice more often for you. We want the entire world bicycling”