We have you always in our mind, when we develop bicycle accessories. At all times. Both when it’s raining and when the sun is shining. We want the bicycle to be the natural choice no matter what weather it is. For us, there is only good weather for bicycling. And then we want you to be clearly visible when you are bicycling at night. With proper equipment and clothing, you and your bicycle will always get along well. It’s about optimizing every bicycle ride. The bicycle should be your best friend on the road.


NEWaste was founded in 2012 by the entrepreneur Susanne-Kikki Israelsson. She has created products that will support you in a completely new way, when you are bicycling. You will recognize the typical Scandinavian design elements, such as function, quality and durability, and you will also discover plenty of smart details that will make your bicycling more comfortable and fun.

It can be the handles, which helps you keeping the poncho in its position by the bicycle handlebar, the hood which can be adjusted in the way that you will always have full sight in any direction, loads of reflectors that makes you visible in the dark, microfiber in the saddle cover that keeps you both warm and dry, the water resistant bag with a lid to protect your belongings. Even the packaging of our products has an important function. When you attach it on your bicycle, it works as a movable reflector which will secure your visibility, even during night time.